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What Else Can I Say?


I am super, duper, over, uber

And now i know that
Peace + Contentment = HAPP(i)NESS

And i cannot deny the fact that much of this bliss comes from my HAPPi Heart :)
It is so true I Can Actually Sing A Song.

Timothy and I have been together for 2033 days as of today.
Which means that we have been together for
5 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days :)
And yes I know the days, months or years don't matter but i think we were really meant to spent those years to be able to become the couple that we are today. We have spent 5 new year's, christmases, and birthdays together. But what really weighed was spending every single day together or at least 265 (or so days) out of the 365 days there is in a year.

I know it wasnt at all perfect but if ever there is PERFECT, I wouldnt choose PERFECT. Because i Love the way we Love each other. Much like sister and brother, we are best of friends. And yes, friends with a real lot of benefits!

I know sooner or later we'd have another fi…