Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How long has it been?

Don't ask me. I wouldn't know! I don't want to know. But it's my twins, they're keeping me busy. So I haven't been writing lately, haven't been tweeting a lot, haven't been posting pictures on facebook and plixi-ing. Not even texting. But you know what? Nothing MAJOR MAJOR happened while I was away for, uhmm... months I guess. And because there is no recent - recent entry before this post that just means that I didn't had the luxury of time to sit down before my laptop, collect my thoughts, or simply write about emotional outbursts or rants or whatsoever. I actually feel like I'm new to this stuff again after a long hiatus. FUDGE what am I writing about I don't make any sense. So maybe I'll just give you an update on what has been going on?

Well, our little 'space' the one I've been talking about before - construction has started and maybe we'll transfer there before Christmas. It's not big, not small, I'd say it's perfect for us, a family of 4. And now I'm really nervous. They're family, of course, but it still feels different. And I haven't talked to my hubby yet about this but I'm actually having second thoughts on staying there. I was planning to tell him that maybe we can stay there on days that he's here - which is during weekends. That won't be any different from our current setup but at least now we have a 'space' all for ourselves whenever were there. Geez, I guess I'm not yet ready for it. But I have to. I really, really have to. But I will sure try talk him out of it. Haha!

On other things - the twins' 1st birthday is coming up. I was originally planning on a Rockstar themed party but things didn't go according to plan so now 10 days before their big day I'm still up to nothing. Oh well, looking back on how other parties that I attended turned out, most celebrants doesn't even know what's happening and they don't even know half of their guests and MOST of those guests are adults. It's supposed to be a children's party right? But when I tried to come up with a guest list, it turned out that the adults outnumbered the kids. I don't want an adult party. I want a children's party where my twins can play and roam and get-spaghetti-on-their-mouth kind of fun. For now that's impossible because they can't even walk yet so I'm postponing the ROCKSTAR party for let's say, 2 years? Maybe when they're a little bit older. Or maybe we can go to Hongkong then, see Disneyland and Mickey Mouse and oh well... how can they grow up so fast? I'm looking at them right now as they sleep and I still can't believe how BIG they've become! And cuter too! Ok, before I get all teary eyed, and besides I'm saving this all up for another blog post when they finally turn 1 - I'll say tata!

Good vibes everyone!