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How long has it been?

Don't ask me. I wouldn't know! I don't want to know. But it's my twins, they're keeping me busy. So I haven't been writing lately, haven't been tweeting a lot, haven't been posting pictures on facebook and plixi-ing. Not even texting. But you know what? Nothing MAJOR MAJOR happened while I was away for, uhmm... months I guess. And because there is no recent - recent entry before this post that just means that I didn't had the luxury of time to sit down before my laptop, collect my thoughts, or simply write about emotional outbursts or rants or whatsoever. I actually feel like I'm new to this stuff again after a long hiatus. FUDGE what am I writing about I don't make any sense. So maybe I'll just give you an update on what has been going on?

Well, our little 'space' the one I've been talking about before - construction has started and maybe we'll transfer there before Christmas. It's not big, not small, I'd say it&#…