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Hair a-la Emerald

I went to my husband's pad for an overnight. It was my dentist's appointment and those are the only few moments that we can have each other all to our selves (ANG LABO?!) haha! But anyways, we slept at 12am because we missed the twins so much we watched videos of them on hubby's laptop over and over again.

We also watched this new show at ABS CBN, the 'Kristine' series. In fairness, it's pretty impressive. The girls are so hot! And I love Emerald played by Denise Laurel. I love her 'Kastila' look and gorgeous locks! Hubby actually said that he missed my long wavy hair, like the one Denise is wearing for the show.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, had to steal that from their Facebook fan page. The second girl from the left is Emerald and that's her gorgeous hair. Too bad I don't think I can't have a perm and hair color yet because I'm breastfeeding and I cut my hair shorter again! Soooon! Really sooon!