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My Friends are Crazy and I Love them!

I've always had issues with trust. It comes with the friendship thing so yes, I also have issues with friendship. Ever since I was a child, I don't know if it was just me - well, maybe sometimes I like putting other meaning to what people say or act in front of me, most especially 'behind' me - but my playmates always make me feel out of place. I had this feeling that in every peer group I am in, I am always left out. Maybe it's because of pressure, maybe it's because of the impression I have on people, maybe it's because most people expect much from me, I really can't tell. So yes, I have had issues with trusting people, and choosing my friends. 

Parenting101: Throwing Tantrums

INTRODUCTION: So it's late and I am still up because Arkin is still playing with his toys. Whenever he's throwing tantrums, he throws everything, his water bottle, milk bottle, shoes, our Barney 'original' dvd, our pirated dvds - everything that he can grab. So now this Barney dvd won't work anymore and he turned the TV's power off, asked for his toys and splashed them all on the floor. Now our room is a mess again, at this very hour.

Sometimes I really don't get kids. Most of the time I do.... (Okay now Arkin came up to me pointing to his diaper which means he pooped... I will be back in a minute...) Again, I don't get kids. I do most of the time but there are just times when you don't anymore. Sometimes you'll think, is he doing this just to piss me off? Because that's what I feel sometimes. And yes, I admit, I snapped a couple of times. Okay, so a lot of times. Does that make me a bad parent? I'd like to believe not. And yes, I admit,…

Hello BLOG!

I know I owe my readers a lot but mommy-hood is just taking so much of my time right now. I'm sorry if I haven't updated for such a loooong time, but I know you guys understand. Anyways, let's try to sum everything up that happened for the past what... 7 months?! OH my did it really took me that long to blog? Where was I? haha! So lemme try to give you what I was up to, maybe even share you things that I shouldn't :)