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(Changes + Breakdown) Forgiveness

I haven't been myself these past few days. My - I haven't been myself these past few months. And I think it was just last weekend when the much 'awaited breakdown' happened. It was like a stored body of energy that needs to be released - well, blown out of proportion I think - but we all need that once in a while. I guess. 
I have known for a fact that I'm not the type who's giddy about changes. They scare the hell out of me. Just imagine, one night of change in my sleeping pattern, I'll pay for it for one whole month.I'd be restless, irritable and sleepy all the time (not that I'm not always sleepy). I'm too scared of changes - they make me insecure, intimidate me, freaks me out - I'm not just adventurous. And by adventurous I mean a person who is  always too excited and always looks out for changes, for new things. I think the only 'new' I like are 'new' gadgets, and that's it. 
So like 1 hour ago before I started typi…