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Parenting 101: Potty Training

After reading a few parenting articles about potty training, I have came to a decision that I would not be the parent that would force my children to pee or poop in the commode. Yes, we consume 1 or sometimes 1 1/2 big pack of XL Huggies diapers every week. It's really expensive, I kid you not. We also buy those generic diapers from the market because I found out that they also have the same quality as Huggies, and they are cheaper because they contain like 30+ diapers per pack, and they come in pull ups! I definitely recommend 'Baby Love'. But of course that would depend if your kid is 'hiyang' to that brand. As for mine, only Huggies, Drypers and Baby Love touches their butts :)
Okay, so as I was saying - I have decided that we should not force the twins to use the CR for those necessities. Even if I don't potty train them now, they would eventually potty train themselves on their own. It's a sick reasoning but hey - I have two kids to potty train and al…

Happy 3rd Birthday, SuperTwins!

We have reached another milestone as Arkin and Raine turned 3 last November 22. Whew, that was fast!

Time really is fast when you are having fun. You were just 'flutters' and 'bubbles' in mommy's tummy before but look at you now. Sometimes, you make mommy wonder how it feels like to have a twin because you two make it seem like its the best feeling in the world - having someone to play with, fight with, laugh with, cry with, throw tantrums with - I pray that you will never get tired of each other and you'll keep on looking after and that you'll continue to love each other more and more. You two make us very happy and proud! Happy 3rd birthday Arkin and Raine. We love you sooo much! 

And now here are some pictures from our simple celebration that night. Actually, we just ate and had them blow their birthday candles - that's the most exciting part for them and we had to repeat it for like - okay I forgot how many times already! 

And that's it! 
Happy bi…