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Stay or just Go Away?

Where do you go to when you wanna run away?
How do you keep your heart guarded during these times of pain?

Why do you even have to go if you cant really stay away?
How would you - could you - bear to keep your happiness at stake?

Why let all these thoughts run in your mind, ruin you both and keep him away?
When all you really wanted, needed and prayed for is for him to stay.

This was the first time i tried poetry again. after a looongg looongg time.
I was just afraid of something. But now, im trying to push that something away.

Good Vibes everyone :D

What Else Can I Say?


I am super, duper, over, uber

And now i know that
Peace + Contentment = HAPP(i)NESS

And i cannot deny the fact that much of this bliss comes from my HAPPi Heart :)
It is so true I Can Actually Sing A Song.

Timothy and I have been together for 2033 days as of today.
Which means that we have been together for
5 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days :)
And yes I know the days, months or years don't matter but i think we were really meant to spent those years to be able to become the couple that we are today. We have spent 5 new year's, christmases, and birthdays together. But what really weighed was spending every single day together or at least 265 (or so days) out of the 365 days there is in a year.

I know it wasnt at all perfect but if ever there is PERFECT, I wouldnt choose PERFECT. Because i Love the way we Love each other. Much like sister and brother, we are best of friends. And yes, friends with a real lot of benefits!

I know sooner or later we'd have another fi…

♥ There Is No Charge For Awesomeness :)

i was able to watch Umagang Kayganda today ( or is it Magandang Umaga Pilipinas? im not sure), that morning show with Kuya Kim. haahaa. Im sorry he's my favorite among the hosts so he was the one that registered to me. and i saw this segment with again, i forgot who the guest was but he was a middle-aged Chinese, and he delivers well ha! Thats why i listened. and it turned out to be really interesting.

ok, so there are 3 types of quotient - yes the one we usually identify as the measure of one's cerebral capacity. First is the Intelligence Quotient, perhaps all those years we spent in school is enough proof that a light bulb will light up somehow when we are faced with a math trick question (not me!). Cognitive baby, in this category belongs the booksmarts. 2nd is the Emotional Quotient, which according to the speaker-whose-name-i-forgot is actually notches higher than the IQ. This is way, way useful and dependable than your thinking caps! He actually said that if you want to…

For My Delight

Yesha is so big now and she knows how to smile na :) Aint it a delight lookin at a kiddo?

Licensed Baby :)

not everyone knows what ive been through for the past months. only my family, closest friends and PAULINIAN friends. i was ready to give up everything for my lola's life. yes, for me it was a matter of life and death. because it really is. and i completely let go of the future, and i stayed beside my lola when i am supposed to be reviewing for my board exams.

it was really depressing. i already lost hope. i didnt even want to think of passing. i was in a complete struggle. i didnt even think i am ready to take the NLE because in all aspects of my life - emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually - i am NOT me. i am not healthy. there were moments that i want to go to the dorm to join my classmates but it breaks my heart everytime i think about my Lola in her recovery. she needs me most. and she was there for me as in everytime, all 20 years of my life. this is the time when a granddaughter is supposed to take care of her lola, and i am sticking to her side, whatever the c…

♥ Akala Ko Eh :)

akala ko pagkatapos kong makapanumpa bilang isang ganap na NURSE eh ok na ang lahat. ang dami pa pala dapat isipin, gawin, at planuhin sa buhay. ang pinakamasaklap sa lahat - HiNDi KO ALAM KUNG SAAN AKO MAGSiSiMULANCLEX - application papers, review centers, the SAUNDERS book CGFNS - see above IELTS - see above SEMINARS - IV THERAPY TRAiNiNG, BLS, ACLS + MONEY FOR THOSE akala ko talaga eh magsisimula ang magandang buhay ko after ng August 20. ngayon eh kahit ayaw kong isipin na kaylangan ko nang kumanta ng MAGSIMULA KA dahil nauubos ang sa pagtunganga sa harapan ng laptop at pag internet maghapon magdamag, my body cant move. isa pa, meron akong ginawa sa sarili ko kaya ayaw ko muna magpakita sa mga tao. hahaha. secret ko na yun basta after 3 weeks ang resulta kaya we will see (rissus[tama ba spelling ko pakikorek nga nurses] sardonicus ako ngaun hahaha)anyways, baket ako nagtatagalog? say this line like Katherine sa Iisa Pa Lamang: KASE, MABAET KA. may kinuwento saken si mama and i …

the line that says some people

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same." ~ Flavia Weedn sometimes what you think is true is not always true. sometimes what you think is right isnt always right. and most of the time, when you think it is, it isnt. and sometimes, most of the time, when you try to reach out, reach back again, those footprints are already washed away. the water washes away what ever footprint is in the sand because thats what they are for. in the world, nothing is permanent, but the human heart, as human as it is, could erase what memories are hidden in its past. not that it is what the heart is made for but because thats what the heart seeks for.

why you shouldnt be super mabait

i was talking to a friend earlier. i cant say old friend because friendship for us is actually new. so i say friend. a very good friend.
apparently, when we were not yet friends, i told him:
and you know what? he has this former ex-gf who happens to be a friend of mine, too. and youll ask me, why did they broke up? yes, because it was a long distance relationship and there were many reasons that called for a halt in the relationship and one of them was, my good friend said:
and he said: its like dejavu. haha. i think, maybe.
and then i just thought, what was wrong with being sobrang mabaet? they never had a single fight, no arguments at all. even when the guy admitted he made mistakes, the girl was like, very forgiving. thats very mabait right. so, when did being SUPER MABAIT became a problem why would-be relationships never happened and why actual relationships didnt worked out? and so the ever poetic me rationalized:
dont you think there was somethin…


this is how it is pala when you are in total shock.
and i cant believe i am applying the 4 stages of grieving with what has happened.
Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.
i am in DENIAL state for two nights. Now i am not even in the anger category.
i am RAGED.
i dont wanna talk about it. i cant. i cant find the words. talaga. so im sorry for the first time in my entire blogging career here in multiply i will stop talking muna about how i really feel. NOW. and i cant describe what i feel so i just grabbed these lines which i think would best depict how HURT i am inside.i reflected on these. feel free to do the same guys. it helps.
♥everything in life changes you in some ways. even the smallest things. if you do not accept these changes, you do not accept yourself. for through these changes brings new and greater things to you, making you wiser as time progresses. to avoid these changes is a loss. you only live your life once, do not waste a minute of it avoiding things. let the…


finally. after how many years?? honestly. i have long been wanting to start blogging here at blogspot. but since i first learned the how to's in multiply, i had my account there and so far, it is blooming naman. i loved blogging. and i am really hoping to keep this account alive!!!

you know you love me