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Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary, Beih ❤

If there was one love advice that my mama ever gave me, it would be this:

"Kung sino yung unang boyfriend mo, dapat sya na ang huli."

Thus, growing up, I only had one dream when it comes to love, boys and relationship - to marry my first boyfriend. (My friends can attest to that.)

My first boyfriend was my first love, my first kiss, my first heartbreak, my first guy bestfriend, my first everything. We had to break up after 6 years, just so we can get married, and start our family with our awesome twins.

And now, 3 years after - I am living my dream, being married to my 1st boyfriend, who's now my 1st husband (HAHA chosss!).

Happy third anniversary, Daddy! I love you much beih 💑 to ever after 💗