Thursday, September 11, 2008


because i am alive, still :)
cant wait for everything to fall into perspective,
proper perspective.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

♥ There Is No Charge For Awesomeness :)

i was able to watch Umagang Kayganda today ( or is it Magandang Umaga Pilipinas? im not sure), that morning show with Kuya Kim. haahaa. Im sorry he's my favorite among the hosts so he was the one that registered to me. and i saw this segment with again, i forgot who the guest was but he was a middle-aged Chinese, and he delivers well ha! Thats why i listened. and it turned out to be really interesting.

ok, so there are 3 types of quotient - yes the one we usually identify as the measure of one's cerebral capacity. First is the
Intelligence Quotient, perhaps all those years we spent in school is enough proof that a light bulb will light up somehow when we are faced with a math trick question (not me!). Cognitive baby, in this category belongs the booksmarts. 2nd is the Emotional Quotient, which according to the speaker-whose-name-i-forgot is actually notches higher than the IQ. This is way, way useful and dependable than your thinking caps! He actually said that if you want to fair better in business a relatively general averaged IQ will be alright because all you really need is the 3 Rs - reading, [a]rithmetic and [w]riting. that and all the EQ's you can get. People with good (because i cannot say high) EQ are those we call streetsmart people. and then, there is this 3rd one which he calls the Adversities Quotient which was described by the speaker as - "kakayahan na harapin ang mga pagsubok o problema sa buhay" verbatim. in a broader sense, it is the science of human resilience.

"People who successfully apply AQ perform optimally in the face of adversity — the challenges, big and small, that confront us each day. In fact, they not only learn from these challenges, but they also respond to them better and faster."

for us to understand better, let us give life to the above mentioned quotient. a person falls in love. he/she was rejected, so he/she cries in pain, of course he/she was hurt. but then, he/she will try to benefit from this pain or defeat, he/she will use and adopt this as his/her life experience, will move forward and will not be afraid to love again. but when time calls for his/her heart to fall in love again, he/she will go back to his/her life experience, will study the lessons learned and will work his/her way for those mistakes to never happen again, this time around.

You step up.

Because you know that there are things that are not within your control. there are things that happen for a reason, although there are no accidents in life. Because you know you are not perfect so you are capable of failing, but still you know and you remind yourself that you are good and you deserve only the best. And because you know that treating yourself like trash after a defeat will lead you nowhere and that the only way up is nowhere but up.

if you are a person who is not afraid of failing (who isnt?) or who
takes failure as a leverage to step up; if you are somebody who really learns from life's lessons; if youre the kind of person who after a fall, is not afraid to stand up again and continue the fight, this time, with a new and different plan - then pwede ka nang businessman. yah, business people are those gifted with AQ, and only very few have high AQs!

which leads me to relate this to the movie KungFu Panda which i have watched last night only thanks to a pirated DVD (shoot to kill na ako by Edu Manzano):

there is no charge for awesomeness!

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift. That's why its called present.

enhance your AQ people!
Good Vibes :)