Monday, November 3, 2008

What Else Can I Say?


I am super, duper, over, uber

And now i know that
Peace + Contentment = HAPP(i)NESS

And i cannot deny the fact that much of this bliss comes from my HAPPi Heart :)
It is so true I Can Actually Sing A Song.

Timothy and I have been together for 2033 days as of today.
Which means that we have been together for
5 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 2 days :)
And yes I know the days, months or years don't matter but i think we were really meant to spent those years to be able to become the couple that we are today. We have spent 5 new year's, christmases, and birthdays together. But what really weighed was spending every single day together or at least 265 (or so days) out of the 365 days there is in a year.

I know it wasnt at all perfect but if ever there is PERFECT, I wouldnt choose PERFECT. Because i Love the way we Love each other. Much like sister and brother, we are best of friends. And yes, friends with a real lot of benefits!

I know sooner or later we'd have another fight and youll read me here writing things and stuffs as if its the end of the world AGAiN but i just wanna cherish this moment and capture this on words. I am proud i am happy :) And this is worth sharing because i have learned, finally, that Life is Better Lived if you leave the PAST behind, Forgive Heartfully and Try not to go over the things or memories that destroyed you. Instead, Live in the now and be thankful that you have the NOW. And it is better this way, I promise :) My life, Our life is at peace!

I am like his Yin, and He is my Yang :)
  • We have perfected/rather mastered the art of fighting/quarrelling that nowadays we can actually see why me YELLING and he LYING was never a good idea in the first place.
  • We have learned that WRESTLiNG (yeah seriously) is actually FUN and that we should do it more often because it also helps us sweat out excess pounds and more time for BONDiNG and LAUGHiNG!
  • Iced coffee works for both of us - it allows HIM to stay late up at night to review and acts as depressant (weirdo) to my system so I wont be able to make iSTORBO while he is studying.
  • Eating out - karinderya or fastfood or ihaw-ihaw sa tabi-tabi is the perfect pig-out session for us because we can almost feel that we're just at home eating our mom's dishes. We'd rather eat out than cook something at home. Me cooking for us? Not gonna happen.
  • Goofing around is the best medicine. We are the best impersonators of each other and our favorite part is impersonating the other when he/she is ANGRY. LAFFTRiP!
  • Jogging in the morning is GOOD. Playing badminton is better. Talking over playing badminton about life, career and dreams is the best.
  • Waking me UP by KiSSiNg iS Sweet But Not A Good iDea if You dont want to be Slapped on the face :) Waking him Up with kisses is perfect for Him but not for me because it is unhygienic :( So Dream On!

Steady lang, and actually we have never been this steady.
And i guess all i really wanted to say is that I am happy :)
And I am happy that I know the reason why I am happy and who that reason is.

Thank You, MY HAPP(i)NESS :)