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I just dont know what to say. No. I cant seem to find the words on how to say IT. But I’m happy. Never been this happy! And I guess, just that alone is worth sharing and updating about.My HAPPiNESS and I? Never been better. Sure we had our ups and downs but this is like the peak. If we were an ECG tracing we’d be Sinus Rhythm <3.(Wow I love that!) Maybe now I can say that we have so much history together already - given those 6 blissful years, but we still have a looong looong stretch ahead of us. This is not easy. This calls for maturation and responsibility. This calls for hard work, sleepless nights and thick wallets! But all the loving and hugging, kissing and laughing, and soon - all the cooing and smiling - just those things are reason enough for us to stay tight, put up with each other, and just be together.And I can speak in behalf of MyHAPPiNESS because everytime I look into his eyes, all I see is the excitement and joy that this gives him. With that alone, I can sleep wel…
This is how I look like with minimal make-up. Thank God for my BodyShopconcealer! Dont ask for the NO MAKE UP look cause my eye bags are DRAGGIN ME TO HELL! hahaha! Fluids are starting to build up in my under eyes thats why.

Anyways, now, I know what Mommy (Timothy's mom) is saying about prettifying yourself. I love it. And I love that I finally have the ENERGY to do it.

Ciao! Till Next!