Saturday, March 30, 2013


BAKASYON GRANDE. I can truly say that my first - definitely not the last - real beach experience was the grandest vacation I have had, so far. Twas the first time I rode a plane, for one. And I spent 4 days and 3 nights of summer (March 19 - 22, 2013) with my family, there in beautiful Boracay.

So I never told anyone - except my sisters just the night before we leave for Boracay - that I was dead scared riding an airplane. And to make matters worst, we rode a really small passenger plane, the one with the small propellers. Take off was a-okay. Yes I prayed and held on to my rosary throughout the entire flight which lasted for only about an hour. Arkin sat beside Timothy, and Raine sat beside me. Raine was sleeping during take off, which was good for me so I get to hug my daughter, as I was scared for dear life. I am paranoid like that, thanks to those documentaries I used to watch before about airline disasters! The plane was really really small, I feel trapped inside. The plane's AC had problems so it was really hot as well, as in perspiring hot! Good thing the twins behaved really well, during the earlier part of the trip I'd say, and they enjoyed the ride. They, including myself, were mesmerized by the awesome view and of the CLOUDS. I never knew clouds were that amazing! They looked like cotton candies and ice cream swirls! (That was the kid inside me talking). Landing was traumatizing for me. Caticlan airport apparently had a short runway, that's why. It was all shaky and there were Koreans behind us that were shouting "Please No! Please!" I wanted to say to their faces, "Hello, first timer here!". I felt powerless! There I was with the 3 people I care for the most inside a small, enclosed space, and I don't know if we will be able to survive that plane ride. But of course we did! Hahaha! The twins were shouting along with the Koreans but theirs were "Yehey!" and "Wow!". It kind of relaxed me a bit that my babies weren't scared and even thought it was cool, which made me uncool, of course.

Okay enough of the brouhaha. So, are you ready for the pictures?

Thursday, March 7, 2013


When I was in college, I remember myself saying that I don't want to have kids. But if ever God would bless me with kids, please make them boy and girl twins so that would be it for me.

Yes, God was listening, I know!

And then I said that was it. But honestly speaking, and I am saying this because I do realize this - that I am way too young to tell myself that that's it, no more babies. I mean, of course I get a little jealous of friends who just had a baby. But that's just because I miss the feeling of cuddling such fragile human beings in my arms. I'm telling you, I was born to be a mother like that.

But, everytime I think about all those sleepless nights, diaper changes, pedia check ups, immunizations - everything - I know I'm more than okay with my twins. I'm not saying that I regret having kids, it's just that I've been there, done that - and I might not be able to do it again.

I have my hands full. I am happy and contented with my children. Really. There is nothing more I could ask for -except of course for good health, safety and happiness for my loved ones. And oh! - more make ups, clothes and shopping for me - I'm a stay at home mom- those are privileges for me, so no judging! And yes, PapaGod, restore my old, sexy figure pretty please!