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Hi guys! How was your Christmas and New Year's? Mine was a-okay. no really over the top. Just my usual, as usual. What do you expect, I'm boring. And plus age is a factor. Chozzz.

Christmas I spent with my in laws again, after two years. Yes, naka move on na ako guys. Charot! After two years naisip ko, pwede na ulit since I'm basically okay with everyone naman except my husband HAHAHA. Kidding aside, my kids spent two holidays that we were incomplete as a family. That was a rule that I had to break because of all those marriage brouhaha that we had to go through. Kahit masakit sa akin at wala akong ginawa kundi mag emote, umiyak at mang away habang wala ang mga anak ko sa tabi ko ng pasko, I had to. Because they are also my children's family. So ayun nga. I also wanted to na din, I guess. Bumait naman si Pajols. HAHAHA.

Their Christmas gifts so plenty!

Mommy and the kids Christmas day <3 

Of course I had to take a selfie.

Arkin mostly got dinosaurs. Its his thing these days. We can put up our own mini Jurrassic park already. Grabe this kid and his obssession for anything dinosaur. And he also got a Spiderman mask and that Spiderman thingy where you can shoot Spiderman blasts - they are not violent toys people, they don't hurt. Or that's what I know.

Raine naman got a doll house and a mermaid and piny pon. Why do those toys comes in so many parts and why are they so tiny yet so expensive? Kaloka. Sana the manufacturers think about the parents' dillemma regarding storage ano? And she also got a mini Elsa-portable karaoke. It's super cute and you can attach your mp3 player or iphone so you can sing along with your songs karaoke style and comes with a working mic. Plus, its purple! 

Me naman I got a cute bracelet from Ate Dodeth, a ForMe top from Jackie and slippers from PAJOLS. The expensive type. Charot. And this Fast Hair Straightener brush that is very uso nowadays for my unruly hair. Suklay ka lang sa hair mo and ok na. 

You know what's good when they are at this age na? You don't have to be problematic with what to give them for christmas. Just be ready with your wallet. HAHAHA. But lemme tell you, my twins are not really the high maintenance type. Keber sa kanila whether from tiangge or from Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us their gifts. They will show the same level of appreciation. Sarap magregalo sa mga ganitong bata kaya they are very much adored by everyone. I remember when Ate Lynn was here in April shopping for her wedding shoes. She still haven't given the twins anything for their kinder recognition. Raine pala have her pasalubong na, Elsa doll of course. So we brought kuya to Toys R Us. We spent around 1 hour looking for a toy for him. Naikot na nya lahat pero hindi niya type. It was almost closing time already so by hook or by crook kailangan niya makapili ng toy. His daddy was showing him a lot of toys, the expensive ones of course, sayang daw the oppurtunity. HAHAHA. I also tried to suggest to him what I think would appeal to him. Ayaw. Last minute he picked out the toy that he liked. Very small and it was in a plastic bag. Akala ko kung ano yun. We were so tired already so hinayaan na namin. Everyone was so shocked when in the counter it showed it was worth 20 pesos. HAHAHA! Ay naku Ate Lynn hoarded and bought him many. Tuwang tuwa anak ko sa halagang bente. Kakaproud ano?

Day after Christmas we watched Disney On Ice 2015. That was really something! Even my mother in law was clapping. HAHAHA! This was due two years ago. But dahil nga may pinagdaanan ako, di napush. It is Ate Lynn's gift to us, ngayon lang namin naclaim. Lels. This Disney production is American I think. Grabe when they put 5:30 on the tickets they really start at 5:30. They finished with the national anthem and I looked at my wrist watch it was 5:31 pm. Bawal ma late! The show ended at 7pm I think so it runs for about two hours. May break in between. First they showed Mickey and the crew. Then Little Mermaid, Tangled, break then Beauty and the Beast finale is Frozen. The crowd, especially the kids, most especially the kids went crazy when Elsa and Anna appeared. Kahit matanda naman napasigaw. Lels. This is also one reason why I preferred to watch this year. This is the first time they featured Frozen, and I know the twins will love it. Kuya even said before watching the show "Mommy bakit puro princess lang eh pangbabae lang yun eh." He was playing with his cute Olaf huggable in the car after while singing "In Summer". HAHAHA. So I'm sharing with you some pictures.
Mother Daughter selfie
Outfit Dress from Gingersnaps, shoes from SugarKids, headband from greenhills, accessories from SM Department store

Gingersnaps ensemble for Raine and Arkin

My pang bagets na wedge shoes from Zalora. Thank you!


Outfit Top from Ukay Ukay worth 35 pesos (thank to my sis Xiarah for lending it to me and for washng and drying it so I can use it agad), shorts from Bangkok (pasalubong ng magaling kong asawa alamnyona), wedge boots from Zalora

Pang mayaman shot charosss
Tita Jackie and MommyLa came with us. They bought Elsa and Anna cup for Raine and a huggable Elsa doll. Kuya Arkin naman got a small Olaf huggable doll that he hugged when he fell asleep that night. Buti na lang my twins are super well behaved kaya masarap isama sa mga ganitong chenes. Hindi malilikot, kaunti lang. They only get hyper once inaantok na. Are my kids the only ones like this or kayo din? I don't find it weird for some reason. Mukha lang silang high because they are usually tahimik lang. So when they start acting up like madaldal, dancing and malikot, that's my cue that they are antok na.

They also went out with Mama Agnes and the rest of the gang for some fresh cold night air. Enjoy mga bagets kasi si mommy ay couch potato homebody. They checked the christmas decors sa munisipyo. They went all out ha. Maganda in fairness. Naging tourist spot. Choz. And then ate at McDonalds. I got a pasalubong of course. Mama bought me the Aldub meal. Lels.

Raine x Uno x Kuya Arkin x Mama Agnes

Kuya Arkin x Raine x Rylai x Uno

New Years we spent here at home. Same same. Few pictures as it was really cold that night ibang levels. And we already ate before 12. Di ko ginutom mga anak ko. Plus it was raining! Buti na lang kasi ayoko ng madaming paputok. Ayoko ng maingay, ayoko ng mausok, ayoko ng magulo! Ansaveh??? Hahaha. Paranoid much lang ako sa mga paputok kaya di ko sila feels.

Hugging Hugging because its so cold. That is Kuya Arkin with his Spiderman mask and Olaf huggable dolls. Rylai with another Disney huggable doll. Raine is holding her Elsa huggable doll. Uno is, well, Uno is not looking at the camera.

No paputok, Torotot lang.
So crazy Super adorbs

Happy New Year from us!

2016 will be awesome.



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