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Greetings from the Carmelite Sisters!

Can I cry? Can I cry? Can I cry?

I just opened my Facebook about 5 minutes ago and I got a message from Father Pepe. Sorry, Ive gotten used to it but his real name is Rev. Father Felipe Pedraja. Yes, he's a facebooking priest, how cool is that?! And he was and still (I think) the school director of my HS school and I am so fond of him because he is just so cool! He never forgot me and he was always the one to greet me first (I know, nakakahiya diba sha pa una bumabati kase minsan hindi ko sha nakikita agad.) I know, you cant get over the idea of a priest that actually has a facebook account ( SO AM I!) and he found me there! He even gives comments on some of my posts and recently on my childhood pic and that of my boyfriend. Isnt he cool? Hahaha!

Well, his message says that he extends the greetings from the Sisters of Carmelites of Mary, the monastery of Carmelite sisters here in Tanay. And here's the buzz: Father Pepe said that they still remember me and kept on asking if I am still interested to join the monastery.

Oh my God, Oh my God!
BTW, I made sure that in my reply to Father Pepe that I didnt used those words coz you know, it's like using the name of the Lord in vain. So I'm saying them now.
Oh My god, Oh My God!

Of course, being the cool priest that he is, he said that he told Sister Rebecca - I dont even remember who she is! - that I already have a boyfriend but Sister said that its ok because she also had a boyfriend before she entered the convent. Haha!

Me? A sinner to take the bows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience? Wait, is that also their vows or is that only for the Sisters of St. Paul?

I was like - I didnt know how to react. Honestly, Im just so happy that they still remember me. I dont know if Father Pepe was just making it up or what (hahaha sorry Father!) pero you know what made me sure they really remember me? Its because they remembered what we talked about when I made my first - and that wont be my last now that I know- visit there on that rainy evening 8 years ago.

Yep. It was 8 years ago but they still remembered. The sisters and I had a little chat and they asked me if I have a desire to be a Sister. I dont know why they asked me pero I think it was because of my name Camela which sounds like theirs, Sisters of Carmel. I said that sometimes I am fascinated with people like them and yes, there was a time that I wanted to be one. And it was true! I did. Kaya lang mas nangibabaw yung dream ko na maging astronaut. hehehe.

I will have to admit, I totally forgot everyone there. All I have are the memories that I had there, which was very few because it was only 1 night. I was there last year for the Vicita Iglecia and yes, I remembered that night with the sisters pero that was it. OMG. I wanna cry.Like cry.

I didnt know that all these years, there are people - blessed people - praying for me. I remembered Sir Joel said na malakas yung Carmelite sisters kay Papa God kaya when they asked me for my intentions I said of course for me and my family's health.

I feel so blessed. It lifted my spirits. That message was really unexpected but it made my day, hell it made my week!

What will Timothy think kaya? If I'll be a Sister will he still love me? LOL!

Thank God for the blessings!


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