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Family Day: Isdaan at Calauan

'Sunday is family day' - this is most probably true for all Filipino families/ Whether you eat out together, you hear mass, visit a shopping mall or just stay at home for that one day in the the week when all members of the family are at home.

Well, I got married to a guy who's family loves good food, great pictures and loooong drives (hahaha!) So Sunday, December 16, 2012 - everyone, well except of course for Kuya JP cause he rarely joins us for things like this (it's his thing, OK!) - went for an approximately about 1 1/2 - 2 hours drive from Tanay to Calauan, Laguna to eat lunch - yes, just to have lunch (yes, why not?!) and of course take pictures - at Isdaan Floating Restaurant. We left at around 10am and arrived there around 1:00. There were so many people - and a lot of Koreans, too! - since it was lunch time I guess so we had to wait for an available table or slot or whatever you call it. The Koreans in the entrance area, my father-in-law said were looking at …

Summer in December

So, after my hospitalization, husband suggested that we do our first round of shopping. So who am I to decline that tempting offer? Besides, I promised myself I'd buy me some running shoes so that I can start my 'workout' right away. I'd make a separate post on my hauls that week because I haven't gotten my hands on a digital camera for weeks now so I don't have any decent picture to post bought but let me tell you that it includes - my new running shoes (which I have yet to use), cosmetics organizer, Raine's big ballerina shoes and Arkin's Lightning Mcqueen shoes.

Anyways, as usual, I left the twins with mama and my sisters and that's actually what this post is about. I saw these pictures of them in mama's laptop and they are sooo adorbs!

More pictures after the jump!

December makes me sick.

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. It's almost Christmas I know! And not to spoil the spirit of this season or anything but December makes me sick, literally. Well, maybe because it's starting to get cold and people everywhere else are getting sick as well right?

The first week of this month I was hospitalized for less than 24 hours due to a really really bad case of gastritis. IV medications didn't even worked! I was writhing in pain on bed for 2 days already then when my mama told me that we should go to the hospital already and have me checked. Kenneth, my classmate from elementary was my nurse :) Good thing was, the IV meds finally worked and I was sent home right away. The twins visited me there of course and they kept on saying, "Mommy, doctor, wawa?" They were sooo cute saying that.

Then late last week I was feeling dryness in my throat - it's hard to swallow, even my own saliva. I thought I was getting better already because yest…